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IdealWay Management team

" A good team needs the right people, the right spirit and a couple inside jokes. "

Our team of three is an ideal blend of experience, knowledge and zeal to succeed. We joined hands to ensure that the future of India is ideally nurtured with wellness and financial stability. With such professionals at your help 24*7, you and your business prospects are always in safe hands. Here is a brief introduction about all of us:

Mr. Umesh Kumar Pandey

Founder and Chairman

For Mr. Umesh Kumar Pandey IdealWay is his passion turned into a profession. Way back in the year 2004 when he visualised to devise a platform that could ensure both wellness and financial stability to the people, little did he knew that shortly after 5 years of his idea, he would give an identity to his dream as IdealWayCompany.

Mr. Pandey has mastered the art of direct selling through his expertise and rich experience harvested across years of professional experience since 1996. His unmatched business acumen and domain expertise are the driving force of our organisation. Under his leadership, IdealWay has tasted success in every year of its existence and believes to do so in all the years to come.

Mr. Akash Pandey

Managing Director

Powered with rich experience in legal and customer relationship management, Mr Akash Pandey is the spine of our organisation. His go-getter attitude and dynamic personality is the much-needed resource for our team to grow. His professional expertise and education epitome in masters of social work drives the strategic decisions and management of IdealWay in the most ideal manner. He takes care of all the legal and social responsibilities of IdealWay in a way that ensures trust and transparency in all the business relations of our company.

Mr. Sachin Gupta


Powered with rich experience as an IT consultant in multiple software companies and with an IT educational background, Mr Sachin flawlessly handles all the digital and software solutions of IdealWay. Apart from this his passion and professionalism as an ace marketing and sales professional enable him to cater to all the IT and sales needs of the organization in the best possible manner.